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Primary Care Provider in Meridian, Idaho

Primary Care Provider in Meridian, Idaho
Primary Care Provider in Meridian, Idaho
Do you ever wish for the days when doctors personally knew their patients, built their businesses around their communities, and made old-fashioned house calls? Dr. Daniel Allen and the staff at At Home Medical Providers eagerly follow this model of medicine while still applying the latest techniques to treat patients. 

At Home Medical Providers generally treats the elderly population, in assisted living homes, but also treats other patients, such as those with chronic conditions and other disabilities. 

Providing You Care Wherever You Call Home

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Primary Care:
Senior Home Health

Many people think a doctor making house calls is a thing of the past. Dr. Daniel Allen and his staff disagree. We conduct medical home visits (in a residential care home) because we want to treat you where it is calm, comfortable, and convenient. 
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With more Americans than ever needing care for chronic medical conditions, we are doing our part by providing early comprehensive medical care to reduce complications from poor management of serious illnesses.
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COVID-19 caused major healthcare changes, including telehealth (telemedicine) visits with you between physical exams. This allows us to easily monitor minor concerns to prevent a condition from worsening, all to keep you healthier.

If you don't see the services you need in the links above, please see our Home Care Services page for the full suite of what we offer.

Transitional Care Unit | At Home Care Boise
Transitional Care Unit | At Home Care Boise
When you or a loved one are struggling with health conditions (chronic or otherwise), At Home Medical Providers is here to make that burden lighter. We value your comfort. We are based in Meridian, Idaho, but we serve the greater Meridian area including Caldwell, Nampa, and Boise, and are even happy to travel anywhere from Ontario, Oregon, to Mountain Home, Idaho, if it means providing the best care for you.

We accept Medicare and most insurances.
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From our Patients...

"Dr. Allen is a wonderful doctor. He truly cares for his patients [...]. He talks with you, he listens to you, he looks at the reason you’re there! Dr. Allen honestly cares about you mentally & physically and makes sure you’re being treated properly. [...] He is a great doctor, very caring, and an awesome human being. I fully recommend Dr. Allen ~ My wife and I literally trust him with our lives."

-Rick S. on 
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